Sites with Data or Information about Urban Growth

U. S. Census data for 1990 (and earlier years for some data) are on line.

The Federal Highway Administration presents important information about traffic in major U.S. cities.

The Federal Transit Administration has ridership data for U.S. cities as well as good information about transportation costs.

The Oregon land use planning page is presented by planning advocates at the University of Oregon.

A positive view of the New Urbanism can be found on the City Comforts page.

Alternate views of New Urbanism are available from the Reason Foundation.

Richard Carson, currently a planner working for Clark County, Washington, has an iconoclatic view of Portland's planning.

Portland's Metro has a website, but it has little data.

Portland's transit agency, Tri-Met, also has a site.

Many Oregon state agencies including the departments of Land Conservation and Development and Transportation have useful sites.

The Cascade Policy Institute has a lively debate about light rail and other Oregon policies.

The Oregon Transportation Institute also has a dissenting view of light rail.

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