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The Antiplanner

The Thoreau Institute's new web log argues that federal and state planning laws should be repealed and state and local planning offices should be closed. This blog will be updated at least five times a week, so bookmark it for easy reference.

Vanishing Automobile Updates

The most recent updates cover problems with streetcars, corruption, and public disallusionment with planning in Portland, Oregon. Plus read the tragic story of Jim Chasse in "Two Lives Intersect in Portland. For a complete list of all updates, see Vanishing Automobile updates.

New Research Paper on Fire

Reforming the Fire Service questions the new conventional wisdom about fire: that recent fires are due to fuels built up from past decades of Forest Service fire suppression programs. Based on this new wisdom, Congress is giving the Forest Service and other federal land agencies billions of dollars a year for fuels treatment and fire suppression. But if it isn't true, most of this money is wasted. You can download the Institute's full, 53-page report or a 3,600-word summary.

Read the Thoreau Institute's comments on the Presidents "Healthy Forests Initiative"

New Subsidies Anonymous

The most recent issues of Subsidies Anonymous review the Forest Service's budget and a recent report about gridlock on the national forests. To subscribe to Subsidies Anonymous, send an email to Subsidies@ti.org.

New Vanishing Auto Updates

The most recent updates deal with data on urban transit, urban congestion, and

  • housing affordability. To subscribe to Vanishing Automobile updates, send an email to Updates@ti.org.

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